Sunday, December 23, 2007


Wow, has it been almost two weeks since my last post? I've been busy with getting ready for Christmas that I forgot to stop in and post.

On a sad note, about a month ago, my orange koi fish died. We had him since we moved to this house more than five years ago. I brought him home when he was just a couple of inches long. Then he grew and grew and grew.... I think he was more than 13 inches long before his passing. He loved to eat; he would actually came right to the edge of the pond and practically ate right out of my hand. He also loved to leap out of the water, and his last leap landed himself onto the waterplants, out of water... you know what happen to fish out of water. :-( John found him and took care of it.

This picture was taken during the summer (that's him on the left). John wanted to get me another koi, but I'm not ready yet.

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