Monday, July 20, 2009

Hidden Stars and Shop Samples

A few weeks before we left for vacation, I started working at Quilter's Cocoon (the quilt shop where I teach) one to two days a week. I truly enjoyed being there wholeheartedly.... from cutting fabrics to helping customers making fabric selections (my fav part).

So I was cutting up some Kaffe Fasset fabrics (luv luv luv these) into charm packs and had to ask for the scraps. These ------------------->
are about 1" strips. What do I want them for?

Well, I blogged about how much I like to make string quilts in this post. These Kaffe Fasset strings will eventually become a string quilt too. But first, I need to get those other string tops quilted.

Hidden Stars was loaded onto Dolly and quilted with simple arcs from corner to corner. My quilting skill is rather limited, so these arcs were quite difficult to quilt evenly. I had thought of taking the stitches out and re-doing it, but then again ... what the heck!... this quilt was made with throwaways (dryer sheets for foundations and little bits of scraps that most people would throw away), and it would ended up on the couch as a snuggle quilt for us. Besides, it would make a great documentation of my quilting journey, right? :)

The quilting will remain as it is!

All Hidden Stars need now is the binding, but that will have to wait as I'm working on a big shop sample

<------------out of these Batiks.

I worked on it before vacation, has picked it back up since I've been back, and now it is keeping me occupied.

Pictures will come once I put the blocks together.

When I went back to work at the shop on Friday, Pagen needed another sample done. Since all the fabrics were selected and cut, this was quickly sewn up. The quilt top was done in a few hours yesterday. It was a nice little break from the other more challenging sample. :>
I am not quilting this top; therefore, I am counting this sample as a finished project! for the One Project a Month Challenge.


Mrs. Goodneedle said...

The quilting looks great from here, I'm a sucker for strings, too!

scraphappy said...

Those strings are going to look great turned into a quilt. So fun to make something from other peoples extras. I think the quilting looks fine. We are all our own worst critics.

gertie said...

I love your string quilts and even though they are a lot of work, it's very satisfying to make "something out of nothing". Well done!