Friday, May 1, 2009


I am done with both of my swap projects! I was a bit stressed on Wednesday that I might not make the deadlines.... well, I missed the Annie Swap by one day, but I did notified my partner that her Annie will be heading out first thing this morning. Here's a peek....

It was fun making Annie! So much fun that I finished two Annies! I will show both Annies once I know that my partner has received hers.

The other swap that's due today is the Doll Quilt Swap. Here's my completed quilt.... labeled, washed, and pressed!

The quilt measured approx. 17 1/2" X 17 1/2". The block pattern is called Hunter's Star or Indian Star. I couldn't find a pattern so I drafted the block at 3" and paper pieced the blocks. I learned how to draft this pattern on Simply Quilts from way back when the show was still on. If you want to know how to do this, do a search on HGTV..... Or drop me a comment, and I'll try to look it up for you.

For fun, I thought I give rounded corners a trial, and you know what... I really like it.

Right now, this is my favorite little quilt so far. Maybe that is because it has my favorite color combination, or maybe it's the stars, or maybe I've been wanting to do this pattern ever since I saw it on Simply Quilts. I want to make a full size quilt of this pattern for myself someday.

Anyway, I hope my partner will like this quilt. On the questionaire, she listed orange as not one of her favorite color, but I love orange! .... especially... orange and blue! I did tried my best to use very little orange, but somehow, a lot more snuck in than planned. ;>


scraphappy said...

Your doll quilt turned out so adorable. I remember that episode of Simply Quilts. I used to watch it everytime it was on, even if it was a rerun. I still pull up old ideas from time to time. It is good to know that the info is still on the website. The rounded corners really give it a nice look.

Loris said...

Love the Hunter's Star...would love to know how you drafted the different size.
I have a few saved SQs too. Great info when wanting to learn from the teachers.
The rounded edge looks great on your doll quilt.

Trisha said...

It's wonderful! So pretty, I am sure your partner will like it!

Lisa Boyer said...

Your doll quilt is GORGEOUS! The blue and orange are just brilliant together. And thanks for the visit to Santa Barbara, one of my favorite places in the world.

Those Cathedral Window quilts were so inspiring...I just have to try that pattern. Wish I could take your class...

Bea said...

Your dollquilt is so wonderful! Adorable!!! The colours are exactly right! A great work! Love the traditionel block.

Susan said...

I want a doll!!! I can tell how cute it is. The quilt turned out awesome! I love the colors you picked out...even the orange!

kathi said...

Just found your blog. Love your little doxies! I have two also. Cute little guys, aren't they?! :)
I am looking for help making a dollhouse quilt. I've made one quilted pillow but that's the extent of my quilting knowledge!
Do you know of a website where I can get instructions? Or a blogger who makes little quilts for dollhouses?
I need something very simple!