Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Scrappilicious Pineapple

In January 2015, I started making these pineapple blocks.  It was almost an obsession for several months.  A bunch of blocks were made.... 30 blocks to be exact.  I started with a red center to keep it consistent, then any and everything except the kitchen sink 1 1/2" strips from my scrappy bins.  The blocks ended up around 12".   

Here it is being quilted back in June 2015.  I quilted an all over feathers on it.

Machine binding is so quick and easy.  All done in a day last week.  Love those Clover Wonder Clips!

The finished quilt.... oh soo scrappy... scrappilicious pineapple!
It finished at approximately 59 x 70.

This quilt is my third finished for 2016.  I haven't blogged about my second finished for the year yet as the quilt is for my LQS Spring Fling shop hop.  This Scrappilicious Pineapple is also on my FAL 2016 list.  I'm also linking this post to Scraptastic Tuesday.

See you next time,

Tuesday, February 2, 2016


My quilting plan for this week is to work on the bindings of three quilts.

1.  Hand sewing in process... half way done.

2.  I'm planning to do this one all on the machine.

3.  Well, I don't have a photo of the third one, but the binding strips are cut.

All of these quilts are on my FAL (Finish-A-Long) list -   #7, #1, and #2 respectively.
Woohoo ... can't wait to get them done and check off my list.


Friday, January 15, 2016

2016 Finish-A-Long

grab button for A Quilter's Table
Have you heard of FAL or Finish-A-Long?  
Yes, I have joined the 2016 FAL for two main reasons.  
One is to stay focus and finish my projects; two is to get back to writing and journaling my quilting journey on a regular basis on this blog.
 Since last week, I have spent a few hours looking through different sites and found this Finish-A-Long.   I think this low key challenge is the key (haha) to keep me motivated.   There's no penalty if I don't get my projects done, and there are prizes involved.... gotta love that! 
I'm linking up with the 2016 FAL host.  This is my list for the first quarter.

1.  I'm designing a quilt for my LQS for the Spring Fling shop hop coming up at the end of February/early March.  I can't show the pattern just yet.  This collection (except for the green) is Sundress by Meg Hawkey for Red Rooster Fabrics.
2.  This scrappy pineapple quilt still needs binding.   I started this one last January.  Here it is on the quilting machine back in June 2015. 

3.  Stack-n-Whack blocks waiting to set into quilt top for the last two years.

4.  This ZigZag top needs quilting.  It is a gift so I better get on it right away.  Made from half of a Layer Cake, Dot Dot Dash.
5.  These squares are the other half of Dot Dot Dash Layer Cake that I used to make ZigZag top.  It will be another ZigZag quilt and a gift also.
6.  Old Glory Flag, a Buggy Barn pattern, waiting in line for quilting.  I still need to find backing for it.  It is for my brother.

7.   I forgot what this one calls, but I just need to do the hand sewing on the binding.   It's been sitting on my shelf for a long time now.

8.  Strings blocks need to turn into a quilt top.

9.  Basket Weave Strings needs borders, then quilting.  This one is for my son's bed.

10.  Vintage Farm Girl by Lori Holt blocks.  These were so much fun to make, but now I am dragging my feet to put it together.

11.  I worked on Mini Pineapple top at the same time as the Scrappy Pineapple from #2.  It is 18" finished.

12.  The last one is my slow stitching Hexagon Wreaths that I started right before Christmas.  I know for sure that this one will roll over to the next quarter.  You can find the pattern in Handmade Holidays by Pat Wys.

...And that is my list.  Twelve projects for the next 3 month.

See you again soon,

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

First 2016 Finish

HAPPY 2016!!!

Seriously, I can't believe that it's been almost 3 years since my last post!  Time flies!  Many things happened and many quilts and projects were done...  Oh, but where to begin...  so why not just jump right back in and start right where I am.

Back in October 2015, my LQS received the new Moda First Crust Valentine's collection, and I fell in love.  I picked up a Jelly Roll, a background, and Heartstrings pattern.  

Started working on the blocks....

This Heartstrings pattern worked up quickly and easily, soon it turned into a top.  In December, I took it to the shop and quilted it.  My LQS (Quilter's Cocoon) has a Handi Quilter for rent there, but since I work there, they let me used it cause I wanted Surfin' Hearts quilting on this quilt.  I love my LQS; they are so good to me.

The quilt sat through the holidays until last week... 
            .... then binding on...
  ...... and finish!  
I make lots of samples for Quilter's Cocoon, so this quilt will get to go to Road to California next week.  I hope this will help them sell all of the collection.

Here is another Heartstrings quilt (shop sample) with Kaffe Fassett fabrics.  Cute huh?  I didn't make the  top, but I did quilted and bound the quilt.

And this is the pattern.

I have to add this last picture of my cat, Tiger.  He loves to keep me company while I sew.  Perfect place to take a cat nap don't you think?

Ahhh.... it feels good to be back!
See you again soon,