Friday, December 12, 2008


My goodness! Is it only 13 days left 'til Christmas? I haven't done a thing for the holidays yet... except for adding a Christmas tree countdown to the sidebar.

It seemed that I may have lost the last few weeks. Where did the time go? Usually, we bring out the Christmas decorations right after Thanksgiving, but since I worked that weekend, we didn't get to it.

Then I worked last weekend too, and again... we didn't get to it. Hmm.... do I see a pattern here? I guessed Christmas doesn't come if the person (ME) doing it every year wasn't here to set it up. Hopefully, we will get it started today; I will have the older kids help get the decors down from the rafters after school.

I am soooo looking forward to a weekend of no work(job), and a weekend of decorating, crafting, and maybe get some shopping done.

Anyway, I had good intentions to post about the Secret Santa Christmas Swap but that got away from me too.

The package for my partner went out on time and has arrived safely to Australia.

I received my package from my Secret Santa right before Thanksgiving. It is safely stored in my cabinet so there's no temptation to open it. It will go under the Christmas tree once we have it up. Let's see if my resistance to open the gift will hold out then. lol

Thank you, Secret Santa, whoever you are.

Well, I better get my rear going if I want to get things done.

Have a great day, everyone!

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Julie said...

I have resisted temptation with mine, too - but its only been one day!! LOL