Tuesday, August 9, 2011

HOW long has it been?

Wow, I can't believe that I'd missed the entire 2010 year. It's been so long that I forgot how to do this whole bloggy thing. Yes, I even watched the help videos, lol, it's a good thing they have them now.

Anyway, lots have happened in 2010.

Some of the more memorables....

... DS graduated from high school ...
currently attending ITT.

... DD#2 promoted to middle school...

... finished 7th and will enter 8th grade in a couple weeks. How time flies!

... celebrated my dad's 80th birthday. Here he is with some of the grandkids, grandnephews, and grandnieces who were able to attended. Funny thing is that I took lots of pictures during this time, but this is the best pic that I can show you. It was hard to get all the kids to stand still and look at the camera. lol

As far as quilting goes, not a whole lot was done during the first half of 2010 because after the passing of my BIL in 10/2009, my own hubby had some health issues so all of my energies were focused on him. I'm happy to report that he's recovered and doing well now.

Of course, I jumped back into quilting again... but more on that later.

I hope some of you are still with me and that I'm not talking to myself. :-D

Also, I apologized for not answering the emails coming from this blog. I do thank you for all your concerns. For now, I'm coming back slowly and will share with you some of my projects soon.

Take care,


Vickie said...

Hi Rhonda, great to se you back..look forward to seeing some pics of your crafty works,cheers Vickie

Patchwork Penguin said...

Welcome back!!! So glad to see you again. The pics are great... fantastic family memories.

Take care!