Wednesday, January 28, 2009

This and That

At last, it's back to normal around here. No more fevers or Dr. appointments or living on DayQuil or NyQuil.... except for the coughs that just linger on.... but I'm sure it will be gone too in a few more days.

I finally got around to uploading pix from Road to California show... thought I share with you a couple awesome quilts. I'm sure you have probably seen them in magazines or at other shows. Click here if you like to see the 2009 winning quilts.

Other than volunteered to hang the quilts, Cheryl and I almost did not make it back to see the Road. We barely made it back on the last day. We had only a few hours to shop and view everything there before it's closed down. Needless to say, we did missed quite a bit.
This is the loot for this year.... I know, not a whole lot. I didn't have the desire to buy much this time... probably the beginning of the flu was coming on that day. The red bag is one of the perks for volunteering.... found 60degrees ruler that I've been wanting... and some special Road 2 CA Batiks in a souvenir traveling mug.
My other "happy" purchase is a book on needle tatting along with some needles and DMC thread.


Over the weekend, we had a cute little visitor.

It's Miles' little Polish rabbit, Pancake.

Isn't he cute?

But wait....

Ohhhh ....the crying .... the whining.... the begging... the sleepless night.....
it's not from the rabbit.....

but from these two....

Isn't the little wabbit for us Mommy? Please, please, please can't we just play a game of chase with him? We promised not to eat him even though you're supposed to eat Pancake.

And so .... they were banned from the room....and the crying, begging, whining, scratching at the door continued...


It's getting close! My first Cathedral Window class is this Saturday. I decided to make some more to make sure I am prepared to teach. This is a bunch of prepared "frames" ready to be sewn together. Then, I need to write up the instructions. Lots to do.... but I feel like I'm in molasses mode all week.