Saturday, January 31, 2009

I had a blast!

My first Cathedral Windows class was today. I had eight students in this class, and they were just wonderful. We started out with the basic steps of building the "frames" or folded squares, adding the "windows" to the frames, then moved onto constructing the pincushion. We had a lunch break next, and afterward, they started on building the "frames" for the pillow. We didn't get the pillow finish as I had planned, but I think, all of the students got the gist of building the CW.

These pincushions are the result of the class. They are too cute! I love all of the different color combos... so much fun.

Everyone is busy with building their Cathedral Windows.

What a fun time I had! I didn't know that teaching can be so rewarding. I mean... I probably wouldn't have the patience to be a school teacher, but teaching quilting is a blast .... especially when the students are awesome!


Julie said...

I made one of those. It is with Christmas fabrics and my mom uses it for a Christmas ornament.

gertie said...

Teaching people who want to learn is wonderful! Glad the class went well and congrats on winning my new pattern! Can you email your address details to me please?

Jeanne said...

I knew you would do well! Glad you enjoyed your class. The finished pin cushions look great.