Sunday, March 29, 2009

Another CW Class & 1st Birthday

Hi there,

I'm back from my unintended bloggy/computer break. Mainly, just busy with work and life in general. Then, this last week my laptop had serious virus infections. The in-house tech revamped the whole thing to get it back up and running again. Yep, he fixed it while I was out teaching another class yesterday. So far it is running great except for when I tried to visit a couple of my favorite blogs earlier, then it froze up and shut down instantly. Blog hopping will have to wait another day. :-(

Hmmm.... finger crossed... hoping this laptop will let me finished with this posting. Anyway....

As I mentioned, I had another wonderful Cathedral Window class yesterday. This group of ladies sewed fast and furious and did a fabulous job with their pillow tops. There were a few finishes by the end of class.

Here's the whole group.... don't they look happy and go-lucky bunch of quilters? ....

This is the fist finisher of the class.... love that green... almost the same color as my bedroom!

More finishes!
These soft colors came out so adorable.
And more finishes....
Love that one in Batiks!

I love all those smiling faces! It made me feel great to see them still smiling at the end of class!

Then right after class, I rushed home to pick up the family and headed to my sister's for my nephew's first birthday. When we arrived, the party had ended because the birthday boy had to laid down for a nap. Oh well.... we got to watch a clip of James with his birthday cake...hilarious and cute... and we had a nice visit with everyone who were still there instead.
Of course, we had lots of fun with the birthday boy when he's awake.

Here he is .... giving his cousin a big smile ... Sweetie Pie was taken the photo.

It's play time....Then it's dinner time....Look at these two! Lucy and Ricky! They belong to my sister and BIL.

I don't think it's the first time that James dropped a few morsels for Lucy and Ricky though. lol
It was a full and joyous day yesterday. LOts of laughter... and happiness... I wouldn't want to change a thing. Except... maybe slowing time down! I still can get over that James is one year old already!

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Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Lucy and Ricky (LOVE their names!)appear to be quite familiar with that spot near James' seat! ;)
So, your CW is all done by machine? Now, that's a CW I would like!