Friday, July 17, 2009

Been Away

Long time no post!

I've been away on vacation with the family for over two weeks and arrived back home last Sunday. It took me this long to get my pictures organized...

We packed up the motorhome and headed north. For this trip, my sister and BIL, along with my darling little nephew, James, and their two Boston Terriers, Lucy and Ricky, came along. Needless to say, the camper was packed to the brim with baby things.

The first and quick stop was Santa Barbara. We spent the afternoon at the pier and lunched at one of the restaurants before heading up the coast.
As we headed north, it was fun to stop along the coast for a little bit of explorations to break up the long drive to our destinations.Other places we stayed overnight were San Simeon State Beach, Lake Oroville, and Eugene, OR, before reaching our final destination. Here are a couple of photos of where we were heading.... Next post, I will blog more of our trip....

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Angie said...

Welcome Home! I missed your blogging! Did you come through Sonoma County coast line by any chance. Looking forward to your pics.