Wednesday, August 19, 2009


I posted a peek of this block wayyy back in February when the block was almost done. Well, it was finished a short week later, and I didn't get a chance to get a picture of it before putting it away.

This is the first block of my Work In Slowwwwww Progress (WISP). The pattern is called Aunt Millie's Garden by the Piece O' Cake Designs . I love their applique patterns.

Originally, the plan was to make this as a block a month so that by the beginning of next year I can put the quilt together. Well, scratched that plan... at this rate, I think I'll be done in 10 years. LOL

Not wanting this quilt to be a 10 yrs. project... ok, maybe cut it down to 5yrs... *lol* I pulled the project back out a couple of weeks ago to continue on this second block that was started back in February. I usually like to applique in the evening during my down time, but I've been too tired to work on it. Instead, I bring the block along to Sweetie Pie's tennis lessons during the week. Well not much was done there either because I ended up watching the kids practiced.... So maybe it will be a 10yrs. project afterall. lol

This quilt will be for me, and for some reasons I can never stay on task making things for me. Therefore, I'm hoping that some nice bloggy friends will help keep me going. OK?

Oh... one more thing, I decided to go with this robin egg's blue background because last summer, while stocking up more Kona Snow fabric, I came across this new Kona Robin Egg's blue that I fell in love with and had to have yardages of it without a plan for it. Then, when Aunt Millie's Garden came along, I just have to use it. :o)


Trisha said...

Your blocks are just gorgeous. What a great pattern. And the robin's egg blue is simply perfect.

Elaine Adair said...

What a BEAUTY!!! This is lovely work. 8-))

Mrs Quilty said...

I love that block and really love the Kona Robin Egg's blue as background! Great choice!! No pics of doxies today?? :(

Candace said...

What a beautiful block and an awesome job. I love the Robin's egg blue. You are tempting me to start looking for some.