Monday, June 23, 2008

Friends 2B Made

It has been lazy summer days here at doxies ranch because of the heat spell we've been having. Today was the first relief we had... only 99 degrees compared to 113 to 115degrees of the last few days. So not much sewing was happening or worthwhile showing anyway simply because it's just too hot to sit and sew in my little corner.

This afternoon, Sweetie Pie's girl scouts troop spent a few hours at the mall at Friends 2B Made party. It's a sister company of Build-a-Bear Workshop; instead of bears, they make dolls. This is part of the outings that the girls picked to do with their hard earned cookie money.

Sweetie Pie is getting her doll, Rashberry, stuffed.

The troop and their dolls with Ms. Nancy, their leader.
And camera shy Sweetie Pie again. Doesn't she look sooo thrill at getting her photo taken? LOL


Candace said...

She doesn't look thrilled, but she sure looks cute.

Anonymous said...

I second Candace, my goodness, she is a doll herself!