Sunday, June 29, 2008

Fun Weekend

Did you guessed where we were yesterday? :P

We spent the day with Sweetie Pie's girl scouts troop at the aquarium. It's their last activity for the year until fall. We went behind-the-scene tour, and the girls fed the fish and the sharks! Hmmm... that sure is a funny looking fish in the above photo. lol

Then afterward, we stopped in at this restaurant (photo below) that is across the street from the aquarium. The food were really good.

Then for today, we took Sweetie Pie and Buddy out to see new Disney/Pixar movie, Wall-E. It's an adorable movie. If you have little ones, do take them to see it. And if you're still young at heart, go see it yourself. We sure enjoyed it. :o)


Candace said...

You saw a lot of exotic sights, and spent the day with your daughter (and her friends), I'm sure it was a good day. I have heard good things about that movie, glad you enjoyed it.

Stacy A. said...

Man, can I join that girl scout troop? They do a million fun things. When I was young we moved almost every year. I figured out that the best way for me to make friends was to join GS as soon as I got to the new place. Some places were better than others, but I always had a place to go to do good things and meet people. One of these days I will get involved to repay that service.
Your new quilt is darling. It will be perfect for Project Linus, someone will treasure it. Hope your week goes well. Love Stacy