Sunday, October 5, 2008

Soup and Sandwiches

Finally, there is a change in the weather! It feels like fall... if there's such thing here in California.

The last two evenings had been so cool that John and I actually got cold in the middle of the night. The whole house fan that John added at the beginning of summer is working like a charm.

When it's cold outside, then it's soup time! My family loves soup, and I love making soup for them.

When Sweetie Pie and I were at Sam's Club on Saturday, they had those taste stations as usual. At one of the station, they were passing out samples of soup and sandwich along with the recipes. Both of the soup (Sausage and Ravioli) and the sandwich (Grilled Panini) were delicious! Sweetie Pie even begged for a second sample. Of course, I picked up the ingredients to make them both.

Click on the pix to get the larger size if you like to see the recipes....

I made them tonight for dinner..... YUMMMMY!
Both of the recipes were a big hit with my family. They were real simple and quick to make. I forgot to buy the spinach for the soup, so I used extra pieces of asparagus from the sandwich instead.
Although our sandwiches don't look as pretty as in the recipe.... gotta remember not to walk away from the grill when grilling bread.... it's still yummy. :-)


Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Yum, yum. Now I'm hungry. Enjoy the change of seasons.

Julie said...

We had chili yesterday - even though it is not cool yet. I WANT it to be soup weather so I am doing my part by making chili!!

Mary said...

It's been really cool here in Denmark and the trees are all turning - I can't wait to get back home tomorrow and experience our MN fall. There will be lots of soup for us this fall and winter too!