Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Wednesday Randomness

Well, so much for cool Fall weather. The last couple days had been too hot here in southern CA. When I picked up the kiddos from school yesterday, my car registered the outside temperature to be at 100 degrees. It is another warm day today, then it will cool down by the weekend in the low 70s... yeah... lol I sounded like a weatherman don't I?

My DD, Mandy, didn't have class till evening, so we went out to JoAnn's to get some ideas for Halloween costumes. We didn't stayed too long (had to pick up kiddos) and decided to come back this weekend for the Columbus Day sales. But.... I did managed to find a book on Mariner's Compass by Judy Mathieson.... used my 40% off coupon. :-)

Then, when we got home.... look what is in the mail... Bonnie Hunter's new book, Scraps & Shirtails: Reuse, Re-Purpose, Recycle! The Art of Quilting Green ... :-D

Two wonderful books to stir and to fill my brain with more wonderful quilts to make.

Also, I received a postcard from Brigitte yesterday but forgot to share ... thanking me for the Crazy BAg from Linda's Bag Swap.

Wow! What a great quilt and a great idea to print the photo onto postcard cardstock!
Things that I worked on today ....

Secret Santa Swap -

Since it a secret, I very well can't show you my project... but the project came from this magazine. Half-way done with this one... I really need to get a move on with this project. Deadline is November 1??

The Center Pinwheel -

Not something that I did today, but I worked on this for the last few days. It's the Center Pinwheel of Pinwheels and Posies BOM. This block is the last block of the series that was released last month. For this month, it's time to put everything together. I'm hoping to find sometimes this weekend to do that.

Calico Garden

I was distracted last night so only quilted one 9-patch. I'm hoping to get more done tonight. With that in mind, I'll end this post here.
Thank you everyone for the lovely comments on my CG. I'm putting this quilt on top of the list to get it done.... sew I must go off and quilt, quilt, quilt. :D


Coleen said...

Judy's Mariners Compass is a really good book. The other one looks very interesting. I may have to use that 40% coupon if my JoAnn's has it. I have probably 300 quilt books now, I need another one (I really do)Quilt book collecting is almost as much fun as quilting.

Candace said...

Here in Florida we had a couple days when it felt like fall was in the air, and now we are back to hot, too. Not 100 though thank goodness. Your Pinwheels and Posies block if really pretty, looking forward to seeing the quilt. I got Bonnie's book too, and have taken a quick look through. I need to 'really' look still.

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

You do phenomenal piecework! You'll love BH's book, it's great! Time to see the pups again...

Julie said...

Ahhh! You made me panic!! Ijust double checked and the Secret Santa Christmas Swap with Chookyblue is to be sent off between November 10th and 25th. That gives us a little more time!