Monday, April 6, 2009

Santa Barbara - Part 2

Sometimes the best laid out plan just doesn't happened. Sorry for my my intention to post the second part of our Santa Barbara trip the next day turned into 3 days instead.

On Saturday, I took the girls shopping for the day, but by the time we got home in the evening, both Sweetie Pie and I felt very sick. Ughghgh.... we came down with a nasty cold that wiped us out the rest of Saturday night and the whole Sunday. It's not a very good way to start Spring break. :(

BTW, sales tax for California went up by one percent! How could they to that in a time when the economy is so bad?!! I'm definitely will cut down my shoppings to the bare necessities.


Well, if you guessed the winery was our next stop, then you're correct. Not only one but two wineries .... with 8 different wine tastings at the first one and 6 more tastings at the second one.

I must admit that I'm a light weight. By the time we arrived at the second winery, Bridlewood, I was a little bit tipsy. TEE HEE

The weather cleared and the sun came out by then too. I took quite a bit of scenery shots. It's difficult to decide which one to post... just a few here....

This last photo is the view from our room out on the patio. Peaceful.... isn't it?

Santa Barbara is such a beautiful place. We will have to visit again when it's not so cold and with a longer trip.


Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Hope you're feeling better today, Rhonda! Thanks for sharing the stunning scenery, just beautiful!

Julie said...

Nice!! Sorry you have been sick. I was sick yesterday - just felt awful.