Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Heading Out

Our plan was to pack up the RV and head out to Arizona this morning. We were also planning to stop off in Blythe and camp by the Colorado River for one night before we head to Casa Grande to spend Thanksgiving with our friends, Nina and John, who had moved there in July. SSHHH.... we're keeping it a secret from their daughter, Shana, to surprise her.

However, after classes last night, Amanda told us that she needed to go visit the Getty Museum and get pictures done for an assignment. She won't have time to go when we get back. Soooo... we went with Plan B instead and spent the day at the museum. It's an amazing museum. We had only touched a part of it so will have to go back again to see everything there.

Tomorrow, we're heading out bright and early to spend the day by the Colorado River, then we will head to John and Nina's... hopefully, be there by night time. As usual, I'll bring the camera and will post pictures when we get back this weekend.

See you then. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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