Friday, November 9, 2007

Investiture Dinner

As much as I love my little Doxie and as much as he needed his puppy class for socializing, I decided that I should attend Hannah's girl scouts event. I probably would feel guilty if I didn't go to it.

The event is her first ceremony as a Junior where she will get her Junior pin, patches, and any badges that she had worked on since she started. The dinner was at Carrow's. While we waited for our drinks and food, Nancy, troop leader, had the girls did their flag salute and the Girl Scout Promise Law. Then, Nancy called each girl up and pinned a Junior pin on their vest, handed them their certificate, and announced what patches and badges they earned so far.

OH... one thing, a surprise to me, Hannah won the third prize for selling the most Fall Product (magazine, candies and nuts) back in September/October. I thought that we didn't even sell that much. At the last minute before the sale ended, we called some relatives and begged (he he) them to order. Guessed that was enough to secure her third place, and she got a cute girl scout bag as a prize. I will have to come back and post a picture later... can't seem to find the cord for the camera to upload pics to the my laptop... it's not in it usual place.

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