Thursday, November 8, 2007

PTA and stuff

Wow, can you believe that it's almost Thanksgiving?! The Holiday Seasons are just right around the corner. Do you have any special plans? We don't. I've been missing in action with this blog, but do check back this weekend for some posts about our Halloween and motorcross trip.

For this month and part of next month, PTA is my life. lol I'm in charge of the Holiday Shop Boutique at Hannah's school this year. I've been to meetings, financial training, writing up flyers to be review by the principal, and scheduling vonlunteers to help out at the shop. Today, I will type the final drafts of those flyers, and tomorrow, I need to make copies to send home to each student (over 700 of them). So you know where I'll be .... at the school. lol

I also need to call the company and place my order, and I need to check with Student Leaderships to see if they are done with the posters to advertise the shop. Then, we need to hang them up. Wow, I'm ready for that week of Thanksgiving break!

Tonight, Hannah has girl scouts. It's the Investiture and Dedication dinner that's happen to be at the same time as Yoshi's first day of intermediate class. Our plan is for John to take her to the ceremony, and I'll take Yoshi to class. However, I'm feeling a bit guilty if I don't attend the ceremony..... HHMMM.... what to do?.... what to do?.....

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