Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Two Color Quilt

I'm still without a sewing machine today. John had fixed the problem and had started to put my Pfaff back together, but the timing is slightly off. He's working on it tonight to get it to run like a fine-tuned car. With any luck, I'll have my machine back tomorrow. If not, that's OK too, I still have my DJ blocks to handpiece.

What a gal to do when there's no machine to sew on or not handpiecing? Catch up with blog readings!

Nicole at Sister's Choice Quilts is having a two color quilt challenge. I love two color quilts! and had wanted to do one for quite awhile... so why not join in on the fun, right?!

Since I have a few projects going and Dear Jane quilt is very involved, I am doing a very simple block for the two color quilt. These are my drawing of the blocks... kinda like windmills. I've seen these before... just not sure what this block is called.
This second one the windmill is reversed. I haven't decided which one to do... will make that decision when I get there. I do plan to have some kinds of appliques (another love) out in the borders when I get there too.


Amanda said...

Sorry to hear that your machine is still out of action, but it's good to change direction once in a while. I love that block - my very first ever quilt was made using it. There's a picture on my blog dated 16th March. It was really easy to put together and I still love it.

Nicole said...

That is going to be amazing! I can't decide which of the two designs I like best either. Will you use just two fabrics, or will the reds be all scrappy?

swooze said...

Could you combine the two quilt blocks?