Monday, May 19, 2008

Sewing again! and Fondue

YES!! My sewing machine is back in working order! Thanks to a wonderful and handy DH. This man can fix anything.... he's a keeper! *lol*

I've been sewing up a storm over the weekend! I worked on the Orange Crush Mystery quilt and finished with step 3. Yeah, I cheated and went ahead with the next step before finishing with step 2. Is it just me or is step 2 seems to take forever to get done?

My favorite unit of step 3 is the unplanned one of a cat face peeking out!

At the beginning of the mystery quilt, I also pulled fabrics from my 30's collection to make a baby quilt called Pink Lemonade. I started sewing on this project too. This one should be quicker to complete each step ... smaller quilt = less blocks to do. Since it's still a mystery, I'm guessing as to how many blocks to do. One of the gal from QuiltvilleChat group suggested to cut the numbers to a quarter, so I'm going with that. When Bonnie reveals the mystery, I will adjust it accordingly. For now, Step 1=40 4-patches.

Fondue anyone?

Celebrating Mother's Day!

Since we spent half of the day in the RV driving back from the Colorado River last Sunday, John and the kiddos took me out to the Melting Pot for a belated Mother's Day dinner. It was yummy!

We started out with two different kinds of cheese fondue: Spinach Artichoke Cheese and Fiesta Cheese that the waiter mixed the ingredients and melted them in pots right at the table along with chips, veggies, bread, and apples to dip. These appertizers did not last long with my voracious group! *lol* Then I had a California salad with Walnut Rasberries dressing. It was delicious!

Of course, the entrees were delectable. We had two kinds of broth to cook the meats. seafood, and more veggies in. Yummm!!

For dessert: Flaming Turtle, Yin and Yang Chocolates! What is better than ending the meal with CHOCOLATES with fresh fruits and cakes for dipping! :-D


Amanda said...

Oh, that sounds so droolingly delicious!

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

I LOVE The Melting Pot! Great food and such fun. Happy (belated) Mother's Day. Can't wait to watch the progressions on your Orange Crush quilt.

Candace said...

I just finished step 3 last night. I was tempted to go to step 4 first, but fought it off. Step 2 did seem to be looong. Yours are looking good.
What a great meal, we have never been to a fondue restaurant, but I think there is one about 20 miles away, maybe we'll have to make it a plan.
Your husband does seem to be handy man extroadinaire.

Stacy A. said...

That sounds fantastic! I have always wanted to go to a fondue place. One of my favorite things ever.
Your pink lemonade quilt looks adorable. Which mystery is it, not the same as the orange crush right? I will have a lot of scraps left from my DJ that might be perfect for that. The Colorado looks so nice. I am glad you had a good time. Such a neat area of the country.

Charlotte said...

You are not alone in starting step 4 before finishing step 3. I started step 4 and used step 3 as my leaders enders. finished both at the same time. Thanks for the lovey comments too. I love your doxies and CC too. I have a short haired. 15 years old.

susan said...

oh we have a melting pot here too. that yinyang choc. fondue looks delish

Mary said...

Funny - we were just talking about the Melting Pot today - it's my son's favorite!

Glad your machine is fixed.

Mary said...

Yummy, my favorite parts of dinner at the Melting Pot are the cheese and chocolate fondue's the meat/fish/vegi's are just fillers!