Monday, May 5, 2008

Good News, Bad News

It's been one of those weekend here where nothing was in working order and things didn't go quite as planned!

Let's start with Friday...
The good news is I finished binding my Summer Breeze quilt; it was washed, dried, and photographed. The bad news... this quilt was intended to be a gift for someone on John's side of the family, but upon close inspection, I noticed a seam about 2 inches long came undone in the middle of the quilt. It's easy enough to fix the problem with some hand sewing, but now I don't want to give the quilt away if other seams might come undone in another washing. Good news is I have another quilt top, Summer Breeze II, that's waiting to be quilt. Bad news is don't have the backing for it and will need to go shopping. Well... shopping should be more of a good thing than bad, but I'm at my limit on spending for quilty things this month (yikes, and it's only the beginning of May).

Then on Saturday...
Now this is REALLY the bad news... I found out that my baby is sick! I got up early and planned to work on Step 2 of Orange Crush Mystery. But when I turned on my machine and stepped on the pedal, it made a weird sound and nothing happened.

I wanted to take my machine into the shop, but John offered to take a look at it. I probably should've said "no", yet how could I tell him no when the man had a fascination with this machine since the day we brought it home.

Here's my baby at the beginning of deconstruction. The good thing is we did found out what was wrong. Imagine a rope or string wraps around a propeller of an airplane or the blades of ceiling fan. The rope or string eventually would tightens around the motor and stops the motion. That's what happened with my Pfaff. A piece of thread wrapped around the shaft of the main motor causing it to stop. The bad news is John still has to put it back together (EEKK) and everything must be in working order!
Do you want to know what those little doxies were doing while all this going on? Our Yoshi Bear slept contently by my feet while we worked.
But our Suki Girl had to see what's went on and sat on my lap most of the time.

Lastly, to top it off for Sunday... my internet connection was down for the whole day! Good news is ... obviously, it's back up today for me to make this post.


Amanda said...

Doesn't it make you want to scream when things like that go wrong! Never mind, you've got a lovely new quilt for yourself and - keep your fingers crossed - your machine should soon be in lovely working order.

Candace said...

Wow, what a week-end. Sounds like you spent if solving problems. Your quilt is beautiful though, and it sounds like your machine will be finished soon. This was one of those times that you will laugh about later. And it sounds like you got lots of love and support from the doxies (and your husband).

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

I feel your angst. I had a problem with my electronic machine two days before Christmas and my husband decided to do "open heart" surgery right on his workbench, he fixed the problem but I was a wreck the whole time! My internet was down, too. How freaky is that? Plus the fact that I have already blown through my fabric $$ for the month... are we related?

Ruthie said...

That is a beautiful quilt! I might just wash it again to see if anything else comes undone and then call it a gift. Seems strange that it would come undone, although I have always wondered about no backstitching.

scraphappy said...

I so much feel your pain. My beloved Bernie recently had the same illness. Fortunately she is still under warranty and I just marched her into the shop and said make her better!
Your Summer Breeze quilts are both lovely -- do you make double copies of everything?


swooze said...

I love her little eyes peeking from the bottom of the camera. I have a similar pic on my blog of our baby Sadie.