Monday, August 25, 2008

Moving the Spa

It's official... summer vacation is over! Today was the first day of school for Buddy and Sweetie Pie. Buddy is a Junior in high school and Sweetie Pie is a 5th grader... my my... how quickly they have grown!

I took this photo last Friday of my Sweetie Pie and Tiger taking a few winks on the couch. We worked on getting Sweetie Pie back on a school schedule last week, so she had been waking up early and going to bed earlier. By Friday night, she fell asleep wayyyy before bedtime... heehee, easy as pie... she's back on schedule... and Tiger couldn't resisted snuggling with her. Don't they look sweet? :-D

About the spa... our friends, John and Nina, who had moved to Arizona last year, gave us a GREAT DEAL on their jacuzzi... and all we had to do was to move it from their house to our house... good thing that their old house is just right around the corner. Knowing my hubby, the weekend was filled with plans on how to move an almost 1000lbs. spa. First, he rigged his old trailer to fit the spa on top. Then, disassembled the awning from the spa. You can see the dismantled awning leaning against the side of the house in this pic. He hired a few guys to help out.... except for one of them... the one without the hat... he's our friend, Ted. They were great help! Then back the whole thing through the RV parking area to our backyard. All that plannings paid off 'cause it was so quick and simple.... no hassle at all like I thought. The jacuzzi will stay atop the trailer while he'll preparing a site for it. Hmm... when will we get to enjoy it?
Knowing my John, we will be relaxing in it very soon. Thank you Nina & John for all the future fun and relaxations. :-D


scraphappy said...

Congratulations on getting everyone back to school. Those first few days are always so exciting. Glad to hear that it all went well.

Amanda said...

I really miss the excitement and energy of getting back to school for the new year, hope it all goes well for your two. I look forward to seeing pictures of you in your new hot tub.

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Just the thing after an extended long-arming session... pure relaxation. Hope the first day back at school was a smooth transition.

Julie said...

Enjoy your spa! It looks very relaxing.
Hope your kids are enjoying school. We are in our 4th week already and I am ready for the long Labor Day weekend coming up.