Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Susan's Giveaway

If you have been following my blog, you know that Susan, my SIL, is working on her first quilt and recently started a blog, Ape Over Quilting. Well, pop on over to her site to take a look at her first block... she did a wonderful job... way to go, Susan!! Wish we live closer... I'm in southern California, and she's in Washington... we could be having weekend sewing every weekend!

Not only did she just started her blog, Susan is also doing a giveaway already... can't wait to see what she has in mind. :-)

Susan asked for us to blog about our first quilt...

I started quilting back in 2001. My first quilt was a handquilted queen size purple/green/white Irish Chain. On and off, it took me about two years to complete that quilt because we were selling our house and moved at that time. However, like most of my beginning quilts back then, I didn't take any pics.

So the Irish Chain was the first quilt that I started, but it was not really the first one that I finished.

That doggy quilt in the photo is the first completely done quilt... top pieced and appliqued, machine quilted, and bound in a couple of months from start to finish. Before quilting life, I did a lot of cross stitches, so it was natural for me to design the dog on graph paper and sewn from a grid.

I forgot all about that quilt. It's for our little niece on John's side of the family. About a month ago, we stopped by John's sister and discovered that she still has the quilt... of course, I had to get a pic. Now, I have a photo to remind me of my earlier quilt. :-D


Jeanne said...

Love your doggy quilt!

Candace said...

thanks for the heads up, I have entered your SIL's giveaway.

Susan said...

Oh! That doggie quilt is so cute. I took pics of that Irish Chain Quilt and sent to you. Now you get entered into the drawing 4 times. I never knew it was your first quilt. I love it and I always thought the colors were beautiful. Now you can post it to your blog. (Ha! Ha!) I am super excited now to get into this quilting fantasy. I got many comments on other bloggers first quilts and it's amazing to know that they started out like me! Thanks for sharing your doggie quilt! It's very creative!