Friday, February 6, 2009

Pillow and Class

This red and white Cathedral Windows pillow is my first finish for February (can't believe that we're already in Feb!). It's perfect for Valentine.... don't you think? This pillow was a lot of fun to make what with the polka dots and rick-rac. Unfortunately, I don't have the pillow here at the house; it is residing at the quilt shop as a class sample. I might have to make a couple more just to have them here.

Talk about class, I had another Cathedral Windows class yesterday. What a fun day it was! This group of students was hilarious! They had me laughing all the time. Apparently, they all knew each other, and most of them are in the Wednesday Friendship Group at the shop. It's so great to have a chance to meet them all.

I'm usually not very good at remembering people's name, but this time I think I did. So here goes ... starting from left (Sue, Pam, Nancy) ... back table (Ron, Arlene, Tonya is hidden)... Diana at the iron station... then Lora is behind Chris who is in that pretty blue shirt.

Yes, I had a man taking my class! That's Ron and his wife, Arlene, they make a great team. There's Tonya, in the red shirt, who also brought along a member of her family... who you will see toward the end of the post.

This is Lora. Instead of making a pillow, she's making a table topper with her Layer Cake.

Here are Chris's and Diana's. They used the same Layer Cake but look how different their pillow tops look!

Here are Arlene's and Sue's pillow tops. They also used the same collection, Fig & Plum, which I'm in love with at the moment.

Lastly, here's Tonya with her baby girl! Tonya used scrappy Christmas fabrics... you can't tell from the picture, but she has sparkly fabric for the "windows".... and her pillow top came out so cute! Even cuter is that baby; she was so good! Look at her go for it... she's a doll!

I truly enjoyed teaching and hope you like seeing my class photos.


scraphappy said...

What fun! Your cathedral windows look just fabulous and everyone in the class looks they are having a blast.

Lisa Boyer said...

It's so much fun to see the different color combos! You must be a good teacher--they have completed projects--and they're still smiling! Great post.

May Britt said...

Cathedral windows are beutiful. My mother did a lot of this when she was quilting.

Julie said...

Such a sweet baby! The windows are great. How nice to have a class where you finish something! Or at least almost finish.

Anonymous said...