Thursday, February 19, 2009

Spring Bag and weather

I took a break from making the quilt top for the Bushfire Quilt Project to finish this project. You had a peek of it from the other day.... it's my Spring flowers bag.

BTW, I have two scrappy side borders sewn on that Wonky Stars top... hoping to finish the other two sides during the weekend.

Anyway, there are some interests in needle turned applique using my favorite applique method, which is the back-basting method, down at the quilt shop. So I drew up a couple simple flowers for beginner applique class which I'm hoping to set up class schedules with Pagen (owner) soon.

If you have been following my blog, you know by now that I like to try and use a variety of quilting techniques. One of my favorite is hand applique. I L-O-V-E applique quilts. So I'm hoping that this applique class will take off and get more people into applique.

The students will learn the basics of applique and work up two flower blocks. Then, they can use their favorite tote bag pattern to turn the blocks into one to carry their supplies in ... or whatever else they like to use the blocks for.

Here's the other side of the bag.

Note: A single flower and lots of buds on my plum tree. :-) Will spring be here soon?

It was absolutely a gorgeous day today.... around 75 degrees. The news mentioned that it happened to be the warmest day since Feb. 4th, and I believe it. For the last two weeks I have been soooo cold! We had a couple storm systems came in during the last two weeks. It brought a lot of rain .. . and cold temperatures... like in the 30s. I know what you're thinking for those of you back East... that it's not that cold. But for Southern California.... it IS COLD.

I took this photo for Diane. She had sent me a message earlier in the week asking about the rain 'cause she's still waiting for it in Nevada. I hope you get some rain in your area by now, Diane. You can't really see it in the pix, but it was raining hard that morning. That's the view right outside my front door.

And the same view after the rain....

I love it after the rain! The air is clean and fresh... no smog! For the last few days when I stepped out my front door, I am greeted by the beautiful snow-capped mountain.

Take a closer look...

And this next one is for Mrs. G. .... she commented that I'm a big tease for showing you a peek of the bag. Why YES I am, Mrs. G! *LOL* and I will continue to tease you since it's great fun. Tee hee
Here's another peek of another project....

Aw gee... I am chatty tonight! It's way past my bedtime, so now I bid you a good night. :-)


GARI said...

The bag is beautiful and the mountian is even more so. I can't hand applique due to arthritis but do admire good workmanship.

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous bag Rhonda..

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Arrgghhh... let the teasing continue!

Your tote bag is very pretty, certainly there's the promise of Spring to come. The photos of the rain, palm trees and snowcapped mountains were a treat today. Thanks for sharing your corner of the world.