Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The Advanced Block

Here it is... another Dear Jane block that was assigned last week, B-6 Wild Goose Chase... not for the faint of heart.

No kidding when they said this is a hard block to do! I ended up machine piecing the whole thing and sewn it very slowly. There were a couple of times where I thought I wasn't going to make it thru this block.... required all the concentrations. I did it in three increments: the center cross, the middle square in a square, then the outer square in a square. I took breaks in between and worked on other things that were quick and simple and didn't required all my brain cells. :oD
This is the same block but in reproduction fabrics. It's prepped for handpiecing. Look at all those little pieces! 43 itty bitty parts in all! This block will keep my nighttime busy for the rest of the week and maybe even next week too! What was Jane thinking when she made up these little blocks for her quilt?! I wonder how many more blocks are there that have so many itty bitty pieces in them!


Carolyn said...

It's gorgeous! I haven't tackled this one yet, I'm scared!

Anina said...

Very very pretty!
It sure is an exercise in patience, isn't it?

Ruthie said...

That block is beautiful!

Amanda said...

Ah, so I know why I haven't joined in and starting playing this game!

Suze said...

Rhonda, she sure wasn't thinking anyone else would try to do them too.

I have that one spread out to work on. I like how you have the points cut off of the pieces. I should do that.

I would rather hand piece that block than machine piece it. You are brave.