Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Pink Lemonade

After the post from yesterday, I went to my stash in search of fabrics for the Strawberry Crush Quilt. Well, No-Can-Do on that red quilt. Eventhough I love orange, red is really my favorite color, but somehow there are only 5, yes, f-i-v-e different red less than 1/2yd. each of it in my bin. On top of that, none of them has that strawberry red I was looking for. Oh well... moving on.
While I was there, I started to think about what
Bonnie had wrote about this Orange Crust quilt leading us into summer and the "dreamsicle" treat. It got me thinking about what other favorite drinks that my family and I enjoy on a hot summer day ... PINK LEMONADE! We always kept a pitcher in the fridge during the summer months. The kiddos went through gallons of it especially on hot days.

So a new color selection was pulled from my 30's collection ... pink, yellow, green for main colors, and lavender for accent. The fabrics on the left are for scrappy darks, and I'm going with one Tone-on-Tone (TOT) white for light.

My plan is to make a baby quilt from this selection.

Talk about baby, take a look at MY baby...
Is it just me ... or is she adorable?


Lisa Boyer said...'re making me thirsty. The fabrics you picked are very pretty! I can't wait to see how this all plays out. And your baby...adorable. Just adorable.

Kathy Wagner said...

This is a very pretty combination!
And your baby is truly adorable!!

Kucki68 said...

You might want to update the link on the mystery quilters yahoo group, it leads to your old site.

Apart from that, I love seeing your color choices! Still straggling, myself.