Thursday, July 10, 2008

Another fun weekend!

We had a fun 4th of July weekend... mostly spending time with our friends from Arizona and our friends from down the street. Our Sweetie Pie had the most fun playing with her two BFFs ... just like good old time. I didn't take any picture from the weekend, so there's none to share. :-(

Last Thursday, we went to Pirate's Dinner Adventure ... good food and drinks, good show.. it was a blast. It was our first time there and didn't know quite what to expect. Our group was the first to arrive and to wait in line. The pirates let us in two hours before the dinner show; they had plenty of appetizers for us, and we ordered a few drinks to go with them of course.

While we were enjoying our appetizers and drinks, they had little skits of pirate bits and asked for volunteers. The kids happily pointed out my John and John M. (from AZ). I wished I had the camera then because we all had a good laugh at the guys while they attempted doing the Can-Can.

Then off to dinner we went. The show was good ... lots of action and cheering. The dinner was good also, but I couldn't finished it because I was full from the appetizers.

Fourth of July was great... swimming, eating, drinking, spending time with friends, and fireworks... what could be more fun!

On Saturday, we went to John's friend's, A&V, BBQ birthday party. Again, great food and great friends... couldn't asked for more! A&V received a DVD projector for his birthday and wanted to set it up outside for a movie viewing after dark. The only problem with that was there's no screen; it didn't arrived in time. Not to worry though, A&V and his friends including my John came up with a make-shift screen using a white bedding sheet and two-by-four posts. I think it was more entertaining to watch the guys putting the make-shift screen together than the movie itself. LOL

Ahhh... great memories!

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