Saturday, July 19, 2008

Some Progresses

Oh my goodness!! Is it the weekend already? Life took over and this week flew by too quickly. I had thought of blogging all week long but just didn't seem to able to sit down and write something up. I had trouble with sleeping lately and not enough sleep made my brain all foggy. Today, I slept in 'till 7:30, so I'm feeling a little bit better.

Anyhoo, I did managed to make some progresses with my summer projects:

1. Baby OC, aka Pink Lemonade

I loaded this flimsy on the quilting frame last Sunday and didn't finished quilting it until yesterday. Why did it take so long? Well, I had used a spool of Superior sample thread that came with the HQ16 and ran out of thread when I was about 2/3 of the way done. Argghghhhh... an important lesson here... always make sure you have plenty of thread before quilting. I'm glad I found more thread and it's done! ... with the quilting anyway... still have to attach the binding. Then I can cross this one off as another one of Peg's challenge.

Oh, Peg sent me a button for finishing my first challenge. Thank you, Peg.

2. Also, I have been working on the border of my regular OC quilt as leaders and enders. I wanted to use those leftover 4 -split patches to make the same border as on Bonnie's quilt and need to make more units... only 16 more to go. Little progress, but still counts.

3. My next summer project is Boxy Stars.

I love this pattern! With a few minutes here and there, the blocks went together rather quickly. Don't you just love a pattern that looks like you spent a lot of time on it when you actually didn't? I think I spent more time on thinking how I want to do the borders than the center of the quilt. Here, I have it loaded on the frame to quilt next.

And here... Yoshi Bear thinks this must be for him since he blended quite well with the quilt blocks.
The photo should be clickable to a larger pic.

4. This one wasn't on my list of summer projects, but I just have to make one. It's a mystery project for now from this book that I won recently. I will revealed the project sometimes next week.
For the next few days, there will be no quilty stuffs because I'll be in Vegas with my two BFFs for a few days of fun! TEE HEE
Have a great weekend and see you sometimes next week!


Julie said...

I love, love, love your boxy stars quilt! Great job.

Ruthie said...

Have fun in Vegas and I love your boxy stars also. Especially love the border fabric. You have a great eye for color.

Mary said...

I really like the colors of your Boxy Stars! Thanks for the award - it's always nice to hear that someone likes my blog.

Calidore said...

Love your Boxy Stars quilt - the colours are amazing. I have just finished quilting and binding mine. It does feel good to get another ufo out of the way. I have to agree with you regarding the look of the quilt compared to the difficulty factor - so easy and yet so stunning.

Candace said...

It would be hard to pick a favorite between your Pink Lemonade, and Boxy Stars, they are both so beautiful.

MouseChirpy said...

Rhonda, I enjoyed browsing your blog and seeing your wonderful quilts. They're all just fabulously beautiful! I love that you love doxies too. My nephew has 2 mini doxies whom I absolutely adore.
Thanks for stopping by my blog. Take care.

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Yep, Yoshi has chosen Boxy Stars as his quilt! Your blog is so aptly named... Hannes is always all over mine when they're stretched out! Your PL quilt is gorgeous! Which Panto did you use for that one? I did the exact same thing with my sample cone of thread and had to wait for the supplemental spool to arrive by mail! Arrggh!!