Sunday, February 3, 2008

Baby Bargello

I finished with the last of the borders on this quilt top as the family were heading up to bed tonight! I really like how this turned out... this pattern was quick, easy and so much fun to do! Thanks Bonnie!

Oh, I did said that I wasn't going to do the SuperBowl Bargello because of my hand, but I couldn't resisted. I could still sew but just have to take it easy and not using the rotary cutter that much. Besides, I had wanted to try this pattern for a long time. *U*

It was a perfect night to sew last night. John was at the Anaheim Stadium to watch the Supercross, the girls were at their friends' houses, and Simon was playing games online with his friends.... So that meant, it was just me and the animals left. The cats at their usual spots on the sofa, and the little doxies followed me around in my little sewing corner and got underfoot as usual. Finally, after an hour of roughhousing, they settled down for the night and went to sleep.

BTW, I had Amanda (DD1) cut all the strips at 2 inches for this project before she left for the night. She did a great job at cutting. HMMM.... maybe she can cut more strips next weekend for the larger Bargello that I wanted to make for my bed. I might have to sweeten her up with some kind of briberies though. LOL

Anyway, I sewn half of the quilt last night then sewn the rest of it during the Super Bowl Sunday. The border was added after dinner. I'm planning to sandwich it tomorrow and start on the quilting. I will practice my meandering on this quilt and bind it with a dark blue. This quilt will be for Project Linus.


Sew Prim Khris said...

woohooo...way to go Rhonda...hugs

Kucki68 said...

You might have to bribe the DD with a Bargello of her own... The Baby one is certainly sweet looking.