Sunday, February 10, 2008

Baby Shower

This is my much younger sister, Thuy. She and her hubby, Brian, are having their first baby!

She had her second baby shower given by baby's grandma yesterday. The first shower happened two weeks ago and was given by her two best friends, Hillary and Sandy. My whole family (minus Amanda) went to this co-ed shower, and I completely forgot to bring the camera, so there're no pictures for that one. Yesterday baby shower was a traditional one... only ladies attended. This time, I did not forget the camera!

We arrived a bit late due to heavy traffic jam, and everyone already began to eat. So I jumped right on in and ate too. lol I forgot to eat that morning and was starving! Champagne was served with the lunch. Champagne makes me giddy! so I had just one glass. I know... I'm such a light weight!

After lunch, we played some baby shower games. I'm really bad with these kind of games; needless to say, I didn't win any prizes. The first game we played was Guessed What's in the Diaper! There were six diapers with an assortment of melted candy bars in them and we had to guess what the candy bars were. It was a fun and somewhat gross game because melted chocolate bars in diapers sure look like the real THING that you would find in baby's diaper! EEWW....LOL

Then, it's time to open the presents! Lots and Lots of cute baby clothes, stuff animals, onesies, bibs, blankets, and more! And there were quite a few handmade gifts from this group of talented ladies!

To view larger photo, click on the picture.

These two crocheted afghans and jungle quilt are so soft and cuddly!

The back side of the quilt is Minky, a really really soft kind of fabric just perfect for babies. It was made by a close friend of Brian's family, Nina.

And this baby quilt was made by yours truly... will post details tomorrow.

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