Friday, February 22, 2008

Not Much Sewing Done

Here it is... the end of another week and not much of quilty things were done. Life took over this week. Also, the kiddos got 4 days weekend from President's Day really put me out of sync with everything.

To update, there's still NO borders on the
Carolina Crossroads top. However, I did manage to make a few blocks for Bonnie's housewarming party. Bonnie moved earlier in the month to North Carolina so to thank and to welcome her to her new home, Tracy and Tonya, came up with these great ideas to surprise her.

I made a Wonky house, 9patch with accent corner from mystery fabrics, and a crumb block so far. All I need to do now is the siggy block and send the squissy envelope off to her.


Before last Christmas, while cleaning out the garage, John came in and handed me a cardboard box with "Christmas decorations" and "unfinished" written on it. He said that the box belongs to me. At the time, I thought "hmm... the box looked like it's been thru some rough times... unfinished Xmas decor... doesn't look like it's mine per se... should be out in the garage OR JUST TRASH IT!", but I took it anyway, stuck it in the corner of my closet, and forgot all about it. Until last Saturday, I decided to clean out my wardrobe (getting ready for spring shopping ;-)) and saw that box. Curiosity got to me and decided that I need to see what's in that box.
Lo and behold, there was no unfinished Christmas decor; instead, the box contains an unfinished teddy bear with an unattached head that I worked on for Amanda (18yrs. ago!), an unfinished hooked rug for Amanda, some craft supplies, and wayyyy down in the bottom, was this Lone Star kit.

I thought I had lost this LoneStar kit because we moved quite a few times throughout the years.
I worked on this kit when Amanda was one year old... so that makes it 17 years ago! I always wanted to try quilting back then and loved this pattern (and still do), but I soon found out that this is not a pattern for first time quilting! So when we moved, I packed this away. You know what happens when I put things away... out of sight, out of mind. LOL Life took over with family, and my attempted at quilting ended there.

Now, I am itching to get to this quilt and get it done! And I'm glad that I didn't tell John to toss the box in the trash!

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