Wednesday, February 13, 2008

I Want, I Want, I WANT....

a HQ16 QUILTING MACHINE! (Can you hear me whining) LOL

This is a record for me ... two posts in the same day.

Last Friday, I stopped by Quilter's Cocoon (LQS) to look for quilts wash/soap ... can't remember what's it called? ... that helps stop the bleeding of the dyes while you wash your quilts. I really needed something because I was in a hurry and did not prewashed the fabrics for James' Pinwheels.

Well, the shop does not carry the product, but what I found out was that they are a rep for HQ16 now. They had been at training for the last few weeks and just got the machine in. After talking with the owner, Pagan, she invited me back this week to try out the machine.

Sooooo.... I stopped in today and tried it out. I spent about 45mins. on it and loved it! I tried the Tin Lizzie at Road to CA last month... wasn't really impress with it. (am no expert or anything) but I think the HQ16 is way better. However, ouch... the price tag sure hurts; it's NOT cheap!

Since tomorrow is Valentine's Day, I will pop the question to John. tee hee Hey, gotta give the gal credits for tryin'! Afterall, it is Valentines. At least, he won't said NO too quickly. lol

BTW, Pagan gave me a couple tips with the washing: 1) use 1 cup of vinegar with the washing water 2) use Shout color catcher sheet. I tried the sheet; it worked great!

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