Friday, February 29, 2008

Just Stuffs

Urggghh ... Ohh man.... I picked up that nasty virus that's been traveling around. I feel like crud! After I got the kiddos off to school yesterday, I went back to bed and slept the whole day away. Amanda had only one morning class, so she picked up her siblings from school for me.
Also, I had to cancel sewing morning with Cheryl and Crystal (Cheryl's DD, who's off track for this month). Cheryl wanted to finish her nautical quilt that she's been working on for the last two years. Sorry Cheryl, we'll get your quilt done soon. Crystal was working on some 9 patches; I think her plan is to turn it into a pillow. One summer, I gave Crystal and her girl scouts troop some lessons on sewing, and they all picked up sewing real fast. They made pillows to donate to a hospital. All the girls did a great job!

These photos of Cheryl and Crystal were taken a couple of weeks ago when they were here.
Cheryl had a specific quilt in mind for her quilt, so I sketched out a pattern for her to use. Here's Cheryl drawing out the lighthouses to be applique.

Crystal (11 or are you 12yrs. already?) already can use the rotary cutter quite well and a natural at picking out colors too. Here, she's cutting up squares for 9 patches. I think the next time she's off track and want to sew, I have her do a Disappearing 9-Patch quilt that everyone's been doing. How does that sound, Crystal? Start collecting those fun FatQuarters.

Look who's at the door and wanted to come in? Our Tabby is an indoor cat, but she loves to sneak outside whenever she could. This was last week when we had a lot of rain. I think she sensed the rain was coming so she's begging to come in.

Yoshi was looking on as if to say what are you doing out there? Are you wondering what's that thing above his head, it's a bell that is tied to a pink string that we hung on the door so that the little doxies could ring it to let us know when they want to go outside. In this case, Yoshi was ringing the bell like crazy because he wanted Tabby to come in (so he could chased her!). Don't worry, she'll let him know when she had enough of his silliness. The felines rule the roost here. lol

Here's our little Suki. She came in from the rain and all wet. Of course, she had to jump onto Simon's new blanket that I just got for him that day.

And another photo, we were watching TV one night when I realized that all of our little furries were all line up on the couch watching TV with us. It was a funny sight! See, the cats were looking toward the TV still, and those little doxies get excited when I pull out the camera. I quickly snapped this photo before they moved.
Oh man, I just realized that I forgot to get a picture of Hannah's Mission project that she had been working on for the last two weeks. She took it with her this morning because it's due today. She had to build a model using only stuffs around the house. No kits were allowed! The only things that I bought for her were little bells for the bell towers and styrofoam balls for the domes. She used cereal boxes for the building, cinnamon and paprika for roof color, oregano and parsley flakes for the grass. She made clay palm trees and water fountains, but I burned the clays because I left it in the oven too long. They were black! So we made palm trees out of construction papers instead and clay for the water fountains but did not bake it. Toothpicks for the crosses. Wish there's a picture to show. The project was on Santa Barbara Mission.
This post is long, but there's not much I feel like doing right now. I'm feeling better, but I think I need more of those flu medicines. My head is starting to hurt again. Oh and the frog up on top is for Leap day.
Have a great day!


Anina said...

Hi! I love your Doxies! I saw your comment over on Dear Baby Jane, but don't have your email address so I couldn't respond. Please pop me an email so that I'll be able to answer your questions, etc.
Welcome! ~A

Jeanne said...

I love the picture of your fur babies all together on the couch! Too cute. Tabby is adorable. I hope she didn't have to be outside too long. *S*