Saturday, February 2, 2008

SuperBowl Bargello

Bonnie did it again! She has enticed the Quiltvillechat Group to join in her madness *LOL* to make a Scrappy Bargello quilt on Superbowl Sunday!

The logo on the right is a creation from ForestJane in response to Bonnie's enticement! Thank you Jane!

Well, I had decided earlier in the week to do this Bargello Bowl madness with the group and was planning to make a queen size quilt in cream/tan/brown for my bed. Also, I was thinking of a baby bargello for Project Linus to donate at the end of the month. HOWEVER, that darn carpel tunnel has shown its ugly head again..... So, per doctor's order, I'm limited the usage my right hand. :( That means no Bargello quilt! 8((((

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