Monday, February 11, 2008

James' Pinwheels

This special quilt was made for my soon-to-arrive nephew. Yes, you guessed it! IT'S A BOY! Do you know what his name will be? *U*

The theme of this quilt is firefighters (James' DGP was a fireman). I found these Hoffman fabrics at my local quilt shop (LQS), Quilter's Cocoon, and knew that I had to use them.

The design on this quilt just happened. I knew I wanted pinwheels, used 2 1/2" strips, and to try out the new little ruler, Easy Angle. Well, note to myself, I must read the directions first before using a new tool. Somehow using the new ruler, I managed to cut the fabrics wrong, and the pinwheels came out smaller than what I wanted. But I do like the way how it turned out, I guessed you can said that it's a serendipity.

This is the label and back side of the quilt. Can you see the firefighters fabric? My quilting on this quilt is not very good... well, it's quite bad really. But I wanted to do spirals and found out that I cannot follow the drawn lines. I probably won't be doing any more spirals on my domestic machine. It was very difficult. Overall, I like how the spirals add texture to the quilt if I stood back about ten feet from it. lol
Click on the photo for larger view of the label, but be warned, don't look at the quilting too closely. *U*

With the leftover fabrics, I made a Mini Pinwheels. This mini is about 8"x8", and the pinwheels are a little more than one inch.

The mini quilt is for the teddy bear of course.

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