Friday, April 4, 2008


This is a fundraiser for Sweetie Pie's school and a fun one for the students. A lot of volunteering parents showed up bright and early to help with the set up, get the classes onto the field when their times are due, and tallie markers. We have a check-in station to keep track of the volunteers and classes on the field, and a water/popsicle station for the runners after they run. A tallie sheet is attached to the back of the runners to keep track of how many laps they run. As they finish each lap, the tallie markers mark the sheet.
So far the Kindergarten thru 3rd grades ran this morning. I did my volunteer job this morning, and now, I'm having a lunch break and will head back to the school to cheer Sweetie Pie's class on. They are scheduled to run at 2pm. It's getting warm outside, so I hope Sweetie Pie remembers to drink her water before running. She gets extreme (almost a migrain) headache if she in the sun too much and not enough water.
What a worried Mom I am!? lol

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Sew Prim Khris said...

Hi Rhonda...thanks for popping by my blog. I couldnt reply to you from the post though as you must not have your email address on your blog to reply to. So, I thought I would pop on over here. Hugs Khris