Friday, April 18, 2008

Out of balance

I know that I said it before.... BUT where has the time gone? And on top of that I've been feeling a bit out of balanced lately. My body thinks that we're still on Spring Break this week because I could not wake up earlier than 7 am. I'm normally up at 5 or 5:30 am, and start my day with a cup of java and check e-mails and do some blogs reading before the kiddos wake up. So I felt a bit OFF all week long for not having that early, quiet ME time.

Thank goodness for quilting. It always made me feel better after I spend sometimes with the sewing machine. I do have some quilty things to share from the last couple of days but have to get the photos together first. I'll do that this weekend.

Here's what I did over Spring break... I quilted Carolina Crossroads, a real quilt instead of practiced muslins on Dolly. The only quiltings that I'm good at right now are meandering and loopy stars. I would love to do Baptist fans like Bonnie, but that's not in the card.... so loopy stars it is. The binding got attached earlier in the week; I just need to sew it down to the back. Oh ... I pieced white and black fabrics for the back.

One of the things we did over Spring break was went hiking at the California Citrus Park with Sweetie Pie's girl scout troop. The girls learned about hiking and safety issues. This photo was taken on top of the hill overlooking the palm trees and citrus trees. It was a beautiful day for hiking.

We hiked through the trees and learned a bit of history of the park, saw many different kinds of citrus trees, and hiked back down to the park. There, at the park, we found beautiful wisteria arbors ... had to take some pictures, of course. Ms. Nancy,the leader, and some of the girls in this shot.

Close-up shot of the wisteria, isn't it pretty?

For this day, Sweetie Pie received a patch of California Citrus State Park for the back of her vest, a Hiker badge for the front of the vest, and a safety pin to add to the vest also.

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scraphappy said...

I love your loops and stars. I tried stars on my last quilt and they didn't turn out nearly as well. Congratulations on your finish!