Monday, April 28, 2008

Quilts Found at the Dump and Summer Breeze

ROTFLOL... sorry, that just tickled my bones after I finished typing the title... there's something funny to me about the dump and summer breeze being in the same sentence. ;o)

Anyway, I like to share this amazing true story of the 7 quilts found at the dump at Penny's blog! Click here for the story, but before you go, lest you forget to come back because you're amazed by the story, please read about my Summer Breeze.

I loaded another quilt top that I made last summer, Summer Breeze, onto Dolly for a second "real" quilting. Thanks to the help of Mrs. Goodneedle, this was a breeze (couldn't help myself - :oD) to load unlike the CC quilt.

But before quilting on it, I went out to the garage and borrowed John's well used whiteboard. First, I practiced some loopy flowers, loopy butterflies, echo flowers, and spirals.... nothing was working though.

Then a lightbulb went on... since the quilt is called Summer Breeze, I should do something that looks like wind. This is what I came up with... does it look breezy?

I finished quilting it yesterday. I did an all over breezy design in the middle part and my first feather out in the borders. This was a great practice quilt... so I'm not going to show any close up photo. ;P


Amanda said...

That's an amazing story about the quilt - I shall keep my eyes open when I go to the dump, but I don't think that quilting has such a history in the UK so finding one anywhere is unlikely.

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Your quilting is looking very, very good; I'm awe-inspired by your border too, I need to try that. Well done!

Mary said...

Your quilting looks good - I thing the breeze quilting was a great idea. I was practicing on a white board yesterday too but mine is a small one.

Kim said...

The story about the quilts found at the dump is amazing! Thanks for sharing it. I've posted about it tonight, with a link to your blog and a link to the "dumped quilt" story. I guess I'd better start going to the dump more often! LOL!

Jo Jo said...

You are very clever Rhonda! Love your puppies - how cute! Thanks for stopping by my blog I hope you like the smileys I sent you? Jo

Suze said...

Do you realize that Linda Jones is our own Bumpy on the Dear Jane list.