Saturday, April 26, 2008

Lighthouse and Clue 1

There's not much going on here this weekend except for John needed to smog his truck for registration, shampooing the carpet, and the usual house chores. The older kids had things to do with friends. Sweetie Pie was invited to spend the night at a dear friend's home and swimming. Yes, swimming! Today, the temperature almost reached 100 degrees, just shied by 3 degrees. So no kids ... quiet house.

After a dry spell of no sewing for about a month due to life happenings, my friend, Cheryl, came by for our usual Thursday sewing morning. Poor Cheryl! Her allergies were acting up so bad that morning, but she managed to finish with her fused lighthouse. Good job, Cheryl!
For me, I finished with the first clue of Orange Crush Mystery the day before. All of 150 4-patches pinned in sets of 10 as Bonnie recommended to keep count of how many blocks were done.

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Suze said...

We both had fun quilting with friends this week.

Cheryl did a great job on the lighthouse project.

You and I can work together again tonight while I stitch my DJ block