Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Starting a New Dear Jane Journey

Well, I'm not a 100% back to myself, but I was feeling much better for the last couple of days. At least, I'm not functioning on DayQuil and Tylenol all day. Although, today I have a bit of set back, woke up with a really scratchy throat and headache. Must have overdid it yesterday with all the nonquilty things that I had to do. So I skipped out with helping at Hannah's school this morning, and here I am writing up this post. And I'm back on DayQuil. Arghghgh... I hate being sick!

I did sew a little bit here and there, but there's not anything worthy to post here. However, this is what I've been doing lately when I'm awake.....

Recently, I visited
Jeanne's (Genie) blog (met her through Quiltvillechat Group from the mystery quilt) and was inspired to think of pulling out my Dear Jane blocks that I started back in 2005. I only got a few blocks done then got sidetracked with other stuffs.

Dear Jane is a sampler quilt pattern from Jane A. Stickle that was made in 1863. This quilt has 5602 pieces in it. Click
here if you like to read more on this quilt.

Did you notice a new button on the sidebar? I founded and joined
Dear Baby Jane a couple of days ago. Anina is starting this journey this week along with a group of "Baby Janes" and me. 8-) I'm hoping that I could keep up with the group and maybe get my quilt done someday.

I actually started two different colorways of this quilt back in 2005. The first one is a reproduction fabrics kit BOM (block of the month) that I ordered from Stitchin' Heaven. I believe that they have a kit for 2008 available.

These are my two blocks that I handpieced.

The other colorways...
These blocks are in batiks/black and machine pieced.

Well if you followed this post all the way to here, I thank you so. Sorry... I think I'm not making that much sense. I think I need a nap now. LOL

Oh, I just added a slideshow of my blocks over at the sidebar too.


Anina said...

I LOVE the batiks! Are you going to work on both as we go along?

Jen said...

I read the whole post and you made perfect sense. I had the flu recently and I made sure that I did NOTHING until I felt completely better. It's so easy to get sick again.

I love seeing everyone's different versions of this same historic quilt. And you have TWO versions of your own.

Jen Jen (sewandsox)

Jeanne said...

Both sets of blocks are wonderful! I hope you will keep working on more. Are you enjoying the hand piecing? Hope you are feeling better.

RobinE said...

I'm working on the Dear Baby Jane too! Your two colorways are gorgeous. Can't wait to see more :)