Friday, March 14, 2008


It's here! It's here!
I am soooo tickled pink that my new toy is here.
My HQ16 arrived last week, and Richard from Quilter's Cocoon, LQS, was here on Tuesday to set it up. He was here all morning working on it, making sure everything set up just right. He also gave me a lot of tips on how to play with Dolly.

Hannah (DD#2) came up with that name. We used to have a fluffy gray cat named, Dolly, for many years. She was a spunky, playful, and spirited feline. A friend from our old old neighborhood gave Dolly to Amanda (DD#1) when Amanda was about five years old. Since then, we moved a couple more times, and Dolly, of course, came along with us, took charged of her new enviroments each time.
She was getting old when we moved to this new house six years ago. Back then, the land was still developing with wild life cohabitated along with us. We had seen rabbits, roadrunners, and even coyotes roamed the streets at night. We tried to keep our Dolly inside with us, but being that she loved the outdoors more than being inside, it was hard to keep her in. For most part, we kept her indoor because of the fact that there were a lot of missing cat signs posted in the neighborhood. We knew what happened to those cats and didn't want our cats to suffer the same fate. We did tried our best to keep the cat in, but.... one night, after almost a year of being here, we called for our Dolly to come in and there was no Dolly. I hated to think what might have happened to her....
Wow, I really went off-tracked here, but we still missed our Dolly the feline friend now and then. So it is good to have another Dolly in the house.
This photo shows my first time playing with Dolly. Looks like Dolly (the machine) and I will have a lot of fun times together in the future.


Lisa Boyer said...

Wow! Congrats on your new baby! She's a looker!

I totally LOVE your blog header--so cute! And the quilt underneath is is beautiful. Fun blog! You have me wanting to make some of those Maverick Stars....

Ruthie said...

Congratulations - and remember you must go to sleep at night!