Sunday, March 16, 2008

This and That

Well... so much for my plans to sew on National Quilting Day. I didn't make it to my sewing corner once yesterday. Fortunately, I did get to play with Dolly in the morning.First, I practiced free-hand loops and stars and love how it turned out. Then, unfortunately, my attempt at baptist fans turned out miserably. I used a stencil and drew the arcs onto the muslin and tried to stitch by following the lines. Well, for the life of me, whether I moved fast or slow, I could not stay on the lines and get those nice smooth arcs.... Guessed I need to practice a lot lot lot LOT more. :c]

Sorry the photo is a bit washed out. This is following a panto... again, there's room for lots of improvements.


And for today, while John took the kids out for some shoppings - Best Buy, Toys R Us, and Guitar Center (I opted out on this shopping trip... hee hee), I finished the March blocks on Pinwheels and Posies.

So that are two things crossed off my list. Now, I need to tackle those Dear Jane blocks... tomorrow
Anina will start a new block. Yikes! I better get my rear in gear.


Anina said...

Wow, Dolly is an impressive girl!

Lisa Boyer said...

I gave up on quilting on lines. It's just too hard. On the other hand, I sort of like your funky Baptist fans--they look like wonky rainbows! Hey...there you go. Don't improve, just re-name! "Wonky Rainbows" quilting design. Who could resist?