Thursday, March 20, 2008

Spring Jane

Huh? Spring Jane? That title sounds a bit silly, doesn't it? I almost wanted to type "Spring Chicken". *LOL* This post has two parts to it. The first part is about spring, of course. Today is the first day of spring ... well, at least for another couple of hours anyway.
All week long, it's been the perfect spring weather here in Southern California. These first two pictures were taken at Laguna Beach a couple of days ago. John and I came down to our favorite beach to celebrate our anniversary. We had lunch at The Cliff restaurant which actually sits on top of a cliff and overlooking the beach. If you take a closer look at the second pic, there're two little girls (standing on a rock) who were playing in the ocean. Eventhough the weather has been so nice, I doubted if the water was warm enough to go in it. But they don't care, they are just kids, and they were so cute.... ahh ... to be kids again.

Don't these tulips look great?! I picked these up at Lowes the other day.
Take a closer look. When I saw these, I had to bring them home with me. What is spring without tulips?

Look what are blooming in my backyard....
plum blossoms and nectarine blossoms.... yum, can't wait for the fruits....Cally lilies... I know, I only got one here....dasies....and DANDELIONS! How did these get in here? *LOL*

Of course, the little doxies had to keep me companies while I was out in the garden. Yep, they were up their usual "gotta help Mom out with the yard". Dig up this dandelion here... dig up this dandelion there... what pretty yellow flowers... must help Mom spread those seeds around... she loves little yellow flowers. *LOL* And yep, being the low-to-the-ground type of dogs, they quickly got all filthy. So that meant... baths for both of them.

before.... and after... all clean.

The second part of this post is Jane... Dear Jane quilt blocks. I have been working on these blocks for the last few nights and am half way catching up with the DJ group.

In Batiks, machine pieced.... C-9 Jane's Tears, B-13 Four Corner Press, D-13 Field of Dreams

In Reproduction fabrics and handpieced.


Jeanne said...

The pictures of the beach look so inviting! The flowers are all gorgeous. Your Jane blocks are looking good and the Doxies are always cute. Have a Blessed Easter!

Anina said...

I wish spring would hurry up and arrive over here. Your photos are great. And those DJ blocks! Wow! You're one of those brave people making TWO, aren't you?

Lisa Boyer said...

Lovely, the coast, and quilting...what could be better?