Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Orange ...uhhh ...Grape Crush!!

It's a week away from April 1, and Bonnie at Quiltville has posted the name and fabric color combinations on the next mystery at her site, click here. She is so sweet to give us a head start.

Orange Crush is the name of the mystery. Bonnie used orange, red, black, and blue for her quilt, along with scrappy light and scrappy dark fabrics. I love the colors that she had picked out for this mystery, because afterall, orange, blue, and black are what I used for my Carolina Crossroads Mystery. ;c)

Then today I got an e-mail from my new friend, La Vella, stating that "Bonnie's colors are the ones that you used in your Carolina Crossroads--except for the red. You didn't know that you were Sitting on the Corner at the Crossroads to Carolina, drinking your Orange Crush ! " *LOL* That is so true, I've been sipping Orange Crush at the Crossroads all along!

So here is my dilema... back in January, I purchased brown and pink FQs thinking that I will use these for my next mystery... which is this mystery. But all that is changed now... for this mystery, we need four different colors. I can't decided what other two colors to add to the brown and pink. I have agonized over the color choices for almost two days until it dawned me.... HOW ABOUT GRAPE CRUSH??? I haven't used a whole lot of purple lately... so why not make a purple quilt!

I pulled purple in place of orange, light purple for the red, and blue for the black of the yardage colors, and limegreen as the accent color. I wanted to use that purplish pink color of the grapes on the bottle picture where the light purple is, but I don't have it in my stash. I'm not sure if I should stick with that light purple or just go shopping... might just have to sacrafice and go shopping. ;c)

This has been so much fun, and the mystery quilt didn't even start yet!
Do you know that there is also Strawberry Crush?
Hmm... I'm heading to my stash now to see if I have something for Strawberry Crush! Wonder what I will do? stay tuned...

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creativedawn said...

Yeah Rhonda!
I wasn't going to say anything but everyone would see once it was started that my quilt will be a grape crush.... the CC goes to my son and OC goes to my dd who just loves purple....so I've ordered purple/orange/lime fabrics to go with a fuschia(accent-from stash) with purple in place of Bonnie's orange.... hooray for purple!

This IS great fun, isn't it!!
grape hugz