Wednesday, March 5, 2008


I can't believe that I forgot to write a post about this! I must have been more sick than I thought. LOL For those of you who have been following my blog might remembered the post "I want, I want" around Valentine's Day.

Well, I did popped the question on Valentine, and just as I predicted, John didn't said NO but didn't said yes either. His answered was that we need to get our tax done first. So everyday, I tried to persuade him a little bit more by giving him tibbits of what I can do with it. BTW, for those of you thinking what the HECK is she talking about, it's the HQ16 longarm machine that I wanted. I even mentioned that March is a special month for us (it's our anniversary), ... sneaky aren't I?! *LOL*... and I don't asked for anything... MUCH! lol

Well, we got our tax done last week right before I got sick and still not a complete yes from him. I think I closed the deal when one day he came home from work and saw me pretty much passed out on the couch from being sick. I had to let the dogs outside that afternoon and couldn't make it back upstairs to bed. What a SIGHT I must have been because when I was finally awaken, he asked if I had ordered the machine. I mustered a "no" and he said to go on right ahead. I think he felt sorry for me; even the kids commented the next day that they were glad that I was LOOKING and feeling better. LOL Of course, I made sure I got myself down to the shop to place my order. ;-)

I got a confirmation from Handi Quilter that they shipped the machine out yesterday. It will be here Friday or Monday the lastest. Yeah! I have to call the shop to see what day they coming out to set up and training, and what to name my machine...

Oh ... the photo on top is our "baby" Suki ... she loves to be held and cuddle. Isn't she adorable?

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Ruthie said...

Congratulations! I remember how excited I was when I ordered my Premier last summer. I tried the HQ16 at Chicago and Paducah and almost bought it.