Sunday, January 6, 2008

Carolina Crossroads Mystery

I'm feeling much better today. My head cleared; no more headache and dizziness.... almost back to my normal self.

It has been a wet weekend here in Southern California. Normally, the kids and I like to take the dogs out for a walk and play in the rain, but we stayed in yesterday... no playing in the rain this time around. :( John went to see the Supercross (indoor dirtbike race). Hannah has been working on her science project which is due tomorrow (three of the steps anyway), and I got lots of sewing time in. ;-))

A couple of weeks before Christmas, while I was catching up with blogs reading, I discovered that Bonnie at Quiltville is doing a mystery quilt, Carolina Crossroads. How did I missed that before? She was already on Step 3 then. I've never done a mystery quilt before, so I couldn't resist joining in on the fun... and the best part is that it's a scrappy quilt. I think Bonnie is the Queen of Scrappiness... check out her website for yourself.

This mystery quilt is what I've been working on all week. You see, Bonnie is at Step 5 this week, and the next step will be putting the blocks together come next Thursday or Friday. I am almost caught up. 8-)) Step 1 to step 4 completed... step 5 is half way done.

As you can see, my colors are blue and orange per the artist-in-the-family's (aka Amanda) suggestion. I started collecting some black and white FQs recently, my latest love, and thought that it would be fun to use them for the background. It will be a happy quilt. Now that I'm on Step 5 and it dawns on me, I hope that I didn't messed things up by using dark for the background. Bonnie's instructions stated to use light for the background... I'll keep my fingers crossed that it will turn out OK.

From left to right: Step 1- Railfence(100), Step 2 - 9-patch with accent color(100), Step 3 - MORE 9-patches(80), Step 4 - triangle 9-patches(40).

These little blocks are tiny... so tiny that they fit in the palm of my hand... and I have little hands. They will finished at 3" in the quilt.

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