Thursday, January 17, 2008

Setup Stage

I wanted to post this earlier in the morning, but the computer was tied up. John was working from home today.... actually, he'd been working since 1am last night! I don't know how he could do it, my brain would be loopy if I only get a couple hours of sleep.

Anyway, Cheryl and I made it to Ontario Convention yesterday to help set up the Road to CA quilt show. We were assigned in group of four; one helper in our group came in from Tucson, AZ, and our group leader, Pat, who is pro at this, who helped set up with the show for many years came from San Diego area. We spent four hours (well, maybe 3 hrs... took a break and had lunch) climbing up and down the ladder to hang quilts. While we were working, we spied Ricky Tims walked by and gave us a quick hello.

I didn't bring the camera, but the cell phone was with me so used the cell camera instead. Pictures a little bit dark and unclear, but it'll do. Here are some quilts that we hung....

Here's Cheryl up on the ladder adjusting the quilts, and Pat stood back to make sure they are straight.

This flower vase is MORE than life size. The quilt is huge... 74"x80"? Spectacular!

Here we are in front of our favorite flower quilts that we hung.

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