Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Girl Scouts Cookies

YES!! It is that time of the year again! Hannah is selling GS cookies that started last weekend. The new flavor this year is the Cinna-Spins (bottom right). It tastes just like cinnamon rolls! We had samples at the Cookie Rally from a couple of weeks ago. All the girls in the troop loved it. I had a couple of girls who kept asking to go back to the samples table to taste test these cookies. LOL

The troop goal this year is to earn enough money so they can make a trip down to San Diego for a sleepover at Sea World. So that means they have to sell at least 200 boxes of cookies per girl. YIKEs! Now, some girls won't have a problem meeting that goal, but for Hannah, that is a challenge because she is an extremely shy kid.who gets extremely tongue-tied around people. John and I will help, but for most part, she will have to do the work. Poor kid!

Here they are at the Rally at one of the games.

Group photo with the Build-A-Bear Bunny!

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